Online Courses

Amembal & Halladay has trained over 80,000 leasing and equipment finance professionals throughout 80 countries worldwide.  Private companies, banks, governments and the like have all utilized the company’s inhouse training services.  But, due to recent events, training has evolved into a virtual learning experience.

In that context, Amembal & Halladay is pleased to present its library of online courses.  

The library will be expanded over the next year to include Amembal’s most popular courses, now presented in an online format.

Our current offerings are listed below.

Operating Leases: Maximizing Benefits, Minimizing Risks
Operating Leases:  Maximizing Benefits, Minimizing Risks

This six-hour course is an A to Z on operating leases. No other entity in the world has created a course as thorough as this. With the increasing commoditization of finance leases, and notwithstanding the changes brought forth by IFRS16, the operating lease is the product to focus on. The course, as indicated in its title, will guide you in maximizing profits, while minimizing risks! For those seeking to launch the product, you will learn how to; for those offering the product, you will refine your existing skills; and, for those who may decide to stay only with the finance lease, you may change your mind after you finish the course!

Winning With Leasing!
Winning With Leasing!

This one-hour course is an updated extract from our flagship course attended by over 20,000 individuals worldwide! It will be of tremendous benefit to anyone and everyone — newcomers, back-office staff, and sales personnel. The first two groups will gain a thorough understanding of the two products and their respective benefits; the latter will benefit from tools provided to retain existing customers and garner new ones. When I spearheaded Amembal Capital Corporation, a middle-ticket leasing company in the USA, we used these tools — our volumes exploded!