Amembal and Halladay: A Tradition of Excellence Since 1978

Our mission is to apply our knowledge and experience to help our clients achieve profitable and sustainable growth.

Amembal & Halladay has trained over 80,000 leasing and equipment finance professionals throughout 80 countries worldwide. Private companies, banks, governments and the like have all utilized the company’s inhouse training services.

Equipment leasing is a complex industry, and those who fully understand how leasing works will be the most successful. Choosing to invest in an A&H program is the best way to give you that competitive advantage!

Well-trained and motivated staff are critical
to sustainable growth and increased competitiveness in today’s challenging environment. A&H in-house seminars are a key element in achieving that success.

The equipment leasing is becoming increasingly more competitive, so today’s lessors not only need to know what elements are critical to success, but how to put those elements into practice.

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Our Recent News

Following the success of their first e-learning course, Amembal & Halladay is excited to announce the availability of five new self-paced, online trainings. For further details including content and pricing, please contact Sudhir Amembal at

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