A&H publications have encouraged learning as well as delivered new industry practices which have contributed to the growth and development of the global equipment leasing and finance industry. Previous best-sellers, including The Handbook of Equipment Leasing and Winning With Leasing!, enriched the training led by A&H of more than 80,000 equipment leasing and finance professionals throughout the world. It is in this vein that we proudly present our two new publications, Leasing – The Creative Financing Alternative and Accounting for Leases – Embracing the New Paradigm.

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Sudhir Amembal

The accompanying two remarks are from participants at one of Mr. Amembal’s recent leasing seminars: “Mr. Amembal’s ability to distill concepts to their essence is remarkable”, and, “Structured, informative, detailed and relevant”. Mr. Amembal brings his clear, lucid, building-block teaching style into the narrative. Also, the entire publication is replete with easy-to-understand examples.

The publication was composed with three objectives in mind:

1. To provide direction on expanding business volume as well as profitability

This is cultivated in three chapters entitled Winning the Deal – Convincing the Customer; Winning the Deal – Outsmarting Competition; and, The Significance of Business Differentiation.

2. To provide clear and cohesive knowledge on topics of substantial significance

This is accomplished in four chapters which serve as an A-Z on Funding Options; Vendor Programs; Operating Leases; and, Measuring Financial Performance.

3. To provide insight into two new topics significantly impacting the industry

The pertinent narrative is contained in Navigating the New Accounting Standard, and Managed Services–The New Wave!

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Shawn Halladay

The mandatory and complex changes to accounting for leases impact company operations beyond the accounting function, including how the sales teams should approach their customers. In his latest book, Mr. Halladay, through his extensive theoretical knowledge and experience applying that knowledge, uses a practical, example-laden approach to create an environment in which this technical subject is made easier to understand and apply.

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